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posted on 14 Sep 2015 05:41 by zippyjar6591
by brandonv111 lm3 months ago

A look at the 2015 Ducati Scrambler. Be careful. You may just fall in love with her.

by Oscar Jones3 months ago

I'm not going to say I'm an expert on Harleys, but I apply years of riding experience with big bikes on the road. I hope to entertain your interest and keep you thinking.

by Tejas Bhat4 months ago

The in depth review of the bike, an idea for the next purchase.

by Mike Dempsey2 years ago

From Bankruptcy to the dominant manufacturer of motorcycles in the world.

by Mike Dempsey2 years ago

Harley Davidson builds a lot of great bikes, but the Street Glide is the top seller, here is why.

by Mike Dempsey2 years ago

I have owned 31 motorcycles, and the one I loved the most was the one simple bike that I think saved my life!

by markinternational3 years ago

Buying a stolen bike. When you buy a stolen bike in the Netherlands, you need to be aware of the consequences like getting a fine or a criminal record. You can get charged with handling in stolen goods or possession of...

by Brian Slater3 months ago

Electric bike- a review of the best ebike. Which electric bike should you choose, what type of electric battery is best for long journey's. What are the three most common questions asked when wanting to buy a new...

by earnestshub3 years ago

Buying an old motorcycle to restore and take to rallies or just to ride on the weekend is an act of love and very enjoyable for some of us who love to hit the road on our motorcycles. I live in a climate where...

by Peter4 years ago

Motorcycles, Hogs, MotorBikes Trikes call them what you like,in October 2010 they all came to Cranbourne.The tradition continued when the Annual GP Run was a huge success. Motor Cycle lovers from all over Australia and...

by Simone Haruko Smith4 years ago

There are few things cooler than street bikes and scooters - and yet so many people ride around indisappointinglyboring helmets. This is hardlynecessary- there are some great, stylish...

by Manoj Soni5 years ago

Hello Friends, After very long time i am back to mouth shut, its been long i put my pulsar review on this web and now once again back with bike review. After owning Pulsar 150 DTSi for 3 years i finally sold it out...

by Rajinder Soni4 years ago

If building custom choppers for recreation isyour hobby and you are a fan of homemade motorcycles, then read this interestingpersonal review of our friend Kartik (contact no. 9724980758) on how he build his first...

by Michele2 years ago

Since I have done some reviews of the lineup Harley Davidson is offering for the 2010 year I decided to ask some Harley enthusiast what model would be their ideal dream. Most know that I like many motorcycles and do not...

by rodericktaylor5 years ago

In the 1960's Suzuki established itself as a manufacturer of solid reliable two stroke motorcycles. The 500cc Twin cylinder Titan had built a reputation as an indestructible tourer that could also be tuned as a...

by Michael Ippersiel5 years ago

Let's face it - the leather motorcycle jacket is just about the coolest motorcycle accessory around. Sure, we may be legally obligated to wear a helmet as protection, but who wears one when they're not riding? It's all...

by aslanlight4 years ago

by Rajinder Soni17 months ago

Some very useful tips that you can utilize on your own, without help of any mechanic, before buying a used motorcycle in India.

by Kristi Maloney6 years ago

If your middle-aged husband suddenly decides hes ready to buy his first motorcycle, the words midlife crisis may cross your mind . But if hes safe, smart, and buys a practical street bike,...

by han024 years ago

1. What is the top speed for this motorcycle? The top Speed for this motorcycle is 130kmph 2. What is the mileage for FZ? Up to 500km on a tank full with speed 60-90kmph and maintaining the rpm at 5000-6000. 3. What...

by han024 years ago

Everything you need to know abaout the Malaysian Yamaha FZ150i. It will be an ongoing reviews and comments.

by Motorcyle Mom2 months ago

There's nothing like taking a pile of junk and transforming it into a powerful, gleaming machine. Read on for answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about salvaging motorcycles.

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