Everybody sleeps, how much sleep we get varies by individual, but there are different factors that may affect your sleep. A few of these factors could be surrounding environment, mattress, and pillow you are sleeping on. Many people own standard pillows whether it be down filled, stiff or soft we all rest our heads on them at night. What we may not realize, however, is that our pillow may be leading to neck stiffness, sleep apnea and other sleep related issues.

There are two types of pillows out there on the market that were created to tackle some of these issues. The first pillow is a gel memory foam pillow these are generally soft, yet still supportive, they do not require fluffing and they are on the market to assist with pain relief. Gel memory foam pillows can be found at a variety of retailers and they come in a variety of shapes. Some are contoured for the head and neck to provide extra support for those who sleep on their backs most of the time. As an added bonus they are generally allergy resistant. Another type of pillow on the market is the cervical pillow.

Although gel memory foam pillows were made to conquer neck and back pain they are most effective for back pain, while the cervical pillow was created to relieve neck pain. Cervical pillows do so by restoring the neck to it's normal C-curve (it's natural form), while improving posture and relieving pain. Just as the gel memory foam pillows these are non-allergenic and they fit most standard pillowcases. They offer comfort as well as ergonomic support while you sleep allowing you to feel refreshed the next morning. You wake up with little to no neck and back pain as well as a great night sleep, something many Americans do not get.

Overall, both options offer comfort and support while relieving pain and giving you a great nights sleep. They come in many different varieties; therefore, finding one that fits your needs - whether you sleep mostly on your back or your side - is not far out of reach. Many major retailers offer these products in their stores and they fit your standard pillow case. There is no added cost aside from tossing your old, non-supportive standard pillow for something that will last and give you the support you are looking for.