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THE BRONX -- The first day of school can be tough.

"It was a little bit nervous for him because he's just starting first grade," said Sena Tyler as she walked her son Jayden home.

Jayden, who goes to school in the Soundview section of the Bronx, says sitting in a classroom on a sunny 90-degree day isn't easy after summer vacation.

"Do you like going to class when it's this hot outside?"

"Actually, no," Jayden said.

But it could have been worse.

"At least he had air conditioning," Tyler said.

The Department of Education says almost 75percentof classrooms have air conditioners. But students at the Stevenson campus said some of their classrooms fall in the 25percentwithout.

"Every time you're working the sweat starts going on your paper, that gets annoying," Calvin Moya said.

Students said some air conditioners weren't working. That might explain the open windows in several classrooms that seemed to have A/C units from the outside.

The excessive heat caused early dismissal for some school districts in New Jersey and Connecticut.

But even before the first bell, New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina made it clear there would be no early dismissal for city students.

"One of the advantages of someone whos been in the system 50 years I remember when there was no air conditioning whatsoever,"theChancellor said. "So, its just about being smart and safe, but the reality is that the world doesnt have air conditioning and they still survived. So I do think this I part of it, but teachers are very much aware of the precautions they need to take today."

The good news for students who might find themselves drained from the heat is that they get a long weekend after just three days this week.

Schools are closed Monday and Tuesday for the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashana.